Savart, the art of gourmet flavours

We can be found in a beautiful villa in the very heart of Bucharest. And just like there are various architectural influences at play in the structure of the house, the same goes for our kitchen, where we mix a number of international flavours: from France and Mexico, from Thailand and Spain… from various places that inspire us

We choose fascinating tastes from all over the world and blend them into original Savart recipes, in keeping with the spirit of the place, contemporary cuisine and different trends, and liberally spicing them up with gourmet traditions.

Just like alchemists used to do, we mix highly different ingredients in order to obtain neither gold nor immortality, but special dishes with memorable flavours.

vegeterian meal Savart Bucharest Restaurant

Meet the Chef

chef-Savart-Manuela Paraschivescu

Before becoming a chef, Manuela went for a long vocation search. She was a legal advisor, a communication person, a traveller and a taster.

One day, while surfing the internet, she found a haute cuisine (fine dining) school for professional cooks and looked for ways to live and study in Paris. While searching, she found out that Grégoire Ferrandi, founded in 1920, is one of the most prestigious gastronomic academies in Europe.

Chef Restaurant Savart Manuela Paraschivescu

After graduation Manuela trained and worked as a cook in two Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris: Le Grand Vefour, where she worked under Guy Martin, and Le Thoumieux, where she worked under Jean-François Piège – each of them owning two Michelin stars.
Her wish once she got back to Romania was to get a synthesis between her old passion and her fresh experience, so that she might be able to come up with various forms of tasteful magic for the others.
After doing counselling and training work for a few restaurants in terms of concept and menu development, she started working as a Private Chef, which turned out to be a fascinating experience as it implied a thorough and original exploring of the others’ choices.
Savart is, for Manuela, a dream come true: a restaurant which is contemporary and tempting, with a sophisticated yet playful menu, where she will be involved throughout, starting with the general concept and ending up with the intricacies and subtleties of each and every dish.

Technique + exuberance = vision

„Creativity is a mix of discipline and play”, says Chef Manuela Paraschivescu, who sets forth her own gastronomic exuberance and vision through the techniques she picked up in one of the famous haute cuisine schools in France. The outcome is an eclectic menu with a very personal touch and with influences from all over the world, discerned through the unique lens of Savart.

The flavour combinations are surprising yet friendly, Asian perfumes are mixed with samples of classic French gastronomy, while all ingredients are very carefully selected, taking into account their seasonality and giving priority to local producers.

The menu is perfectly balanced, able to meet equally well the needs and tastes of vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians, but also of those who like meat or have a sweet tooth. Absolutely everything is done from scratch in the Savart kitchen, starting only from 100 % natural ingredients, with no chemical additives.